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ECS offers septic tank install, repair, replacement and servicing

Sewage systems: septic tank install, repair and servicing in Hampshire

ECS can support you with your sewage system and septic tank needs. When you need to install high quality, durable septic tanks for developers and commercial customers across Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and beyond, we’re here for you.

Our experience shines through in the extra level of care and attention we give to every septic tank installation, repair or service:

  • We choose the best type of septic tank for your particular site and the conditions.
  • We source, supply and install only the best septic tanks by Condor, Titan, Balmoral and Klargester.
  • We plan ahead to eliminate potential problems such as groundwater pollution, backing up of sewage and unpleasant odours.

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What size of septic tank will I need?

Klargester and Titan septic tanks are suitable for households from 4 to 38 occupants These tanks can serve from 1 to 12 separate households, when combined with appropriately sized drainage fields.

What tests will I need to carry out?

percolation test will be needed to determine the permeability of the sub soil before any sewage plant or septic tank can be installed. If a septic tank is installed without a percolation test being carried out, or prior approval from the Environment Agency, you could be liable to a £25,000 fine.

Why do I need a perc test?

The rate of permeability calculated from the percolation test allows the correct size of soakaway to be designed. The experienced team of septic tank installers here at ECS will do any percolation tests and provide you with the correct septic tank and/or sewage treatment system solution for your site. We can do percolation tests for both domestic and commercial applications.

Septic tank repairs by ECS

Let’s face it, sewage isn’t terribly glamorous, so it’s no wonder that many sewage systems and septic tanks suffer from neglect.

As the old saying goes, ”Out of sight, out of mind”.

Once installed, septic tanks generally do not cause any problems unless there is ground subsidence, which may cause some damage to the tank.

Our engineers are experienced in carrying out internal repairs to septic tanks, replacing broken ‘T’ pipe (dip pipes) and internal separation partitioning walls.

If a tank is damaged beyond repair, we can dig the old one out and replace it with a new robust glass fiber tank.

What are the common signs of a faulty septic tank?

Water and sewage in drains, sinks and toilets backing up into your property

  • Foul smells around the septic tank and field
  • Damp spots near the septic tank
  • If you can hear gurgling sounds from the plumbing system

The most common reasons for septic tank repair

Ground movement – Even the slightest ground movement where your septic tank sits can put a lot of pressure on the tank. It can cause fractures and cracks in the walls. This can lead to the tank backing up and needing to be emptied more often. Or if ground water enters the tank through the cracks, the tank won’t be able to separate the liquid from the solid waste.

Damage from tree or plant roots – If your septic tank is close to trees and shrubs, then the roots over time can grow through the walls of the tank, the soakaway, or the pipes that connect the tank and property.

A lack of maintenanceSeptic tanks need to be pumped and emptied regularly. Some tanks need to be emptied once a year, or for a quality 1,000 gallon tank, every 4 years.

Failure to desludge (pump out) your Septic Tank at regular intervals will cause major problems. As solids and slurry build up, this creates higher levels of suspended solids within the effluent to enter the drainage field. This in turn causes premature failure of the drainage field / soakaway.

Equally, if the outflow from your tank is restricted then the system will soon backup.  It is therefore important that this problem is identified to save both time and money on remedial repairs. If a problem with the soakaway has been identified, our team of engineers can talk you through the various types of land drainage will best suit your area. This could be a normal soakaway, land drains, pumped systems or boreholes.

Septic tank services and maintenance

All Septic tanks, Treatment Plants and Cesspits must be emptied once a year, or in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation for your system.

This is the guideline recommended by the Environment Agency and British Water. If your Sewage system has more or less people using the system then this can also alter the frequency of the emptying intervals.

We offer regular emptying of your septic tank, treatment plant or cesspit, whether you need it once every year or every 6 weeks.

We will come along at your desired emptying frequency and even co-ordinate the visit with one of our experienced service engineers.

Chat to our expert technicians to FOR EXPERT ADVICE ON ANY SEPTIC TANK PROBLEMS & questions

You’re not alone in not wanting to try and fix your septic tank yourself. Let our local technicians help you.

We can discuss your needs and provide a cost-effective quote for supplying and installing, or repairing, new septic tanks in any part of Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, East Wiltshire, and West Sussex.

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Blocked Drains

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